Lodha Codename Crown Jewel – Residential Project in Thane

Lodha Codename Crown Jewel

A home in the developing part of a metro city is the ideal investment plan one can adopt. As the city will grow; so will the developing suburb. You can rest assured that the investment will become a prime support for you and your family. The venture will turn out to be very fruitful in terms of multiplied returns in the near future. Mumbai is also growing at a fast pace. The suburbs are being converted into a smart city with the aid of the government. These locations are ideal for a perfect investment in the metro city. To find a property here, you can follow the Lodha Codename Crown Jewel. The new project from the eminent developer Lodha Group will ensure a secure future in the long run.

Lodha Group is a trusted name in the industry that is preferred by the families and the investors. The reason behind such an immense trust is the quality work and impeccable delivery of the projects. The developer takes every venture very seriously and includes the latest features so that the residents can enjoy a comfortable life ahead. its current venture named Lodha Codename Crown Jewel will be the best bet for a secure future.

Where is Lodha Codename CROWN Jewel?

Like the previous projects from this brand, Lodha Codename CROWN Jewel will be blessed with a developing suburb of the Mumbai city. The team of professionals has strategically chosen Thane as the best location for the development of a huge project. It has come up with a vast piece of land near Kolshet Road in Thane. This land will be efficiently converted into one of the leading residential ventures in the country. A part of this venture is named as Lodha Codename CROWN Jewel. Very soon the construction of the project will be completed.

The reason behind choosing Thane as the prime location is that the investors and families will be able to avail a good return in the future. The properties will be highly appreciated when the suburb is fully developed. The price of the properties here is low. On the other hand, Thane is well connected with the important locations in the city via an excellent network of roadways. The railway service will also provide a seamless connectivity via which the professionals will be able to commute to their offices daily.

Features of Lodha Codename CROWN Jewel

The real estate developer has chosen Thane to be the ideal location to develop a huge township of modern residences. Lodha Codename CROWN Jewel Thane is a part of this huge project. It is worth mentioning that the brand has acquired a vast area of 87 acres to convert into a modern residential infrastructure for the Indian families. Truth be told, many families are eyeing a great opportunity to invest their future via owning the properties available in this venture. There will be 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments available to own. The floor area available will be ranging from 432 square feet and 955 square feet.

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