Residential and commercial marvel Spenta Thane announced it’s prelaunch

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How about a spacious apartment or a condo in the closes vicinity of a metro city? Life will become absolutely fair when you can get hold of such properties in a sprawling community. To make this dream come true, Spenta Thane has announced it’s prelaunch and will cater its properties by the end of 2022 to the modern Indian families. The

Where is Spenta Thane?

Thane is in a perfect location of Mumbai from where all the important destinations can be covered very easily. This location is full of panoramic views due to the presence of lakes and temples. The developer has found an ideal location to create a masterpiece for the home seekers in Mumbai. Spenta Ghodbunder Road is in its dormant stage but the plans and constructional infrastructure are ready.

The location of the project will be well-connected via the trans-harbor railway which will make it possible to connect with the lifeline of Mumbai very easily. This location also owns a railway station. The prime position amidst Ghodbunder and Thane will offer the ideal place to reside. This project will not only cater residential properties but also commercial places for the businessmen. The families will find almost everything needed to run their daily lives conveniently. The employees and businessmen will be able to commute easily to find utmost convenience and meet their responsibilities perfectly.

Compelling features of Spenta Thane

As per the architectural representation of the project, the properties will vary in floor span from 2000 square feet to 4000 square feet. The ample space will be perfectly utilized by the owners due to the brilliant floor designs were done by the eminent architects deployed by the developer.

The apartments of Spenta Ghodbunder Road will be constructed in the form of towers. The alignment of the towers will provide ample ventilation and sunlight for every residential unit. Every residence will have wide windows and balconies from where the serene views of the natural location will be visible. The entire complex will have all the necessary amenities such as multitier security, car parking, banquet halls, etc for the residents.

The majority of the space will be converted into a green zone where the residents can spend quality time with their neighbors and friends. There will be sports and fitness facilities for those who like to stay in shape. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities will be available. Spenta Thane is the ideal place to invest your hard-earned money and enjoy the benefits throughout your life.

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